How Much Do Movers Cost For a 2-Bedroom Apartment

Published: Dec 7th, 2023
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Are you moving to a new place and thinking about hiring movers? But need to know how much movers cost for a 2-bedroom apartment. Worry not, as we've brought you a complete guide to help you determine the final cost of your move.

Moving is not a piece of cake. It requires proper planning, management, and consideration. You will need to spend a lot of money even if you plan to move and relocate your belongings yourself. So, hiring professionals to do the job is better to make your move easy and safe.

Different factors can determine the average cost of moving a 2-bedroom apartment. In this article, you will get the answer to all your cost-related questions. We will share the details of the cost of moving a two-bedroom apartment.

Local vs. Long-Distance Moves

Before hiring your movers, you need to know the type of move. Is it local or long-distance? Because local moving expenses differ from long-distance moving expenses.

Local and Long-Distance Moves are different from each other and come with different costs. The primary differences between local and long-distance moving are:

  • Distance: Distance is the basic difference between them. Local moving refers to moving within the same city, state or 50-mile radius. In contrast, long-distance is moving to another state or country.
  •  Costs: 2-bedroom apartment movers’ cost is greater in long-distance than local moving. Local movers may calculate cost hourly while long-distance consider the distance and weight of items.
  •   Duration: Long-distance takes more time than local moving. For your 2-bedroom apartment relocation, long-distance moving may take weeks, but local moving can be completed within one or two days
  • Regulations: Your move may require some laws and legislation hurdles to jump. Even though local move doesn’t demand big document changes, long-distance must follow specific government regulations.
  • Planning and operations: Long-distance requires more precision and precautions, while local moves can be flexible in planning. Long-distance movers must select the best routes, inventory, and packing approaches.

Average Cost of Moving a Two-Bedroom Apartment

The cost to move a 2-bedroom apartment varies from company to company. Most movers charge based on hours, number of services or the number of movers required to carry out the move. A 2-bedroom apartment will have higher moving company rates than the same 2-bedroom apartment, moving only a few miles.

Local Moving Costs

The average cost of a moving company for a 2-bedroom apartment is $400 to & $3500. The hourly rate is $70 to $1500, depending on the moving labor fees. You can get accurate moving estimates from different moving companies.

Home Size Number of Movers Per Hour Average Cost
2-Bedroom 1 $70-$100
2 $140-$200
3 $210-$300

Benefits of hiring local movers: Hiring local movers can be very beneficial for short-distance moves because they are usually familiar with local areas and can provide tailored services based on the moving needs of the specific area. They are also less expensive than long-distance movers.

Long-Distance Moving Costs

The average interstate relocation costs for a 2-bedroom apartment are $1500 to $9000. The long-distance movers calculate costs based on the distance, weight and additional services needed. Get Long-distance moving quotes from different movers to get moving estimates. 

2-bedroom apartment (5000 Lbs.) 500 Miles 1000 Miles 3000 Miles
Basic Cost $1900 $2400 $4900
Cost + Packing Service $2300 $2900 $5300
Cost + Insurance prices $2900 $3300 $5700
Cost + Monthly Storage $2200 $3500 $5200
  • Distance: Distance is the primary factor, and it is strongly correlated with costs. This is because, for every mile increase, movers must account for fuel consumption, traffic congestion, labor hourly rate, and toll fees
  • Weight: Movers will charge you based on the quantity of your belongings, especially in long-distance moving. This is because it will affect your other moving aspects like truck size and number of workers
  • Additional services: Packing and unpacking costs, furniture moving charges, storage unit rental rates and Moving truck rental fees are the original costs of additional services you may charge if you avail them.
  • Moving Supplies: Moving supplies expenses can greatly increase your costs. If you are moving long-distance, then movers may charge extra for all the necessary supplies they use during your move.
  • Date of moving: Even though the moving date looks insignificant, it is as important as choosing the best movers. The busiest times of the year for movers are during summers, weekends, and holidays. Your moving costs will greatly increase during this period.

Ways to save money for your 2-bedroom move

You can save money if you plan everything strategically. Follow these tips to cut down on moving costs on your next move:

  • Declutter: Declutter your home to reduce the size of your move. Waste, donate or sell useless, unnecessary, and damaged items you don't need.
  • Plan: Planning will make your movement smooth and problem-free. It will also save you from going over budget. You can also avoid last-minute changes that may prove to be expensive.
  • Free boxes: Boxes take up a major part of your move; if you have many items, you will need many. Instead of spending dime on them, get free boxes from supermarkets.
  • Self-service packing: Even though movers have packing services, it is costly. You can save a lot of money by packing your belongings yourself.
  • Discounts and deals: Many movers have monthly, festival, or yearly discounts and deals you can avail yourself before moving. They also have veteran and AAA membership discounts that can save you money.

Final Thoughts

For your 2-bedroom move, you will need all the help and resources you can get. Hiring professional movers entirely depends on your choice, but they will make moving much easier. They have cost-effective packages that cater to your 2-bedroom moving needs.

At My Good Movers, we have provided a list of the best moving companies catering to your needs. Connect with us now to make your move problem-free.  

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