7 Things you need to know before Moving to Virginia

Published: Mar 19th, 2024
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Moving to Virginia could be a great choice for you. You might have heard people say, "Virginia is for lovers," and there's a lot of love for Virginia. Now, it is time to see why.

Virginia offers excellent healthcare, top-rated schools, and low taxes, making it a great place for families in the US.

It is also one of the richest states, with a strong economy and many job opportunities. Virginia has the biggest data center market and the second most tech jobs in the country. 

Virginia's outdoor activities are amazing, with stunning mountains, beautiful beaches, and many hiking trails. If you want to experience all four seasons and much more, Virginia could be the perfect place for you.

But if you are still unsure about moving to Virginia, we have gathered all the important info you need to know about the state to help you decide.

These articles will also help your move to Virginia smooth as a breeze.

What is the population of Virginia?

Are you interested in Virginia's total population? Virginia's total population is approximately 8,654,542, ranking it the 12th most populous state in the U.S. With a total area of 42,774.2 square miles, the population density in Virginia is 206.7 people per square mile.

Facts to Note Before Moving to Virginia:

Here are some facts you should consider before moving to Virginia.

  • The average yearly income for families in Virginia is $72,577, which is higher than the US average.
  • About 9.9% of people in Virginia live in poverty, slightly less than the US average of 10.5%.
  • The typical value of a house in Virginia is $296,604.
  • Renting a home or apartment in Virginia costs about $1,250 on average.
  • People working by the hour in Virginia make about $31 an hour.
  • Living in Virginia is more expensive than the national average, with a cost of living score of 103.7.
  • Virginia has lower crime rates compared to the rest of the country for both property and violent crimes.

Top Reasons Why People are Moving to Virginia

1. One of the Richest States in the US

Virginia's annual GDP is nearly equivalent to that of many developed countries. It has the highest number of towns and independent cities among the top 100 wealthiest cities in the United States based on median income.

2. Low Crime Rate

Virginia has the lowest rate of violent crimes among all the states. It records about 2 incidents per 1,000 people, which is 43% lower than the national average. Also, it has the second-lowest rate of property crimes in the region, which continues to decrease yearly.

3. Proximity to Washington DC

Virginia is close to Washington, DC, which makes it convenient for people to travel there. This is especially helpful for people who work for the government in DC but choose to live in Virginia.

4. Can Enjoy All Four Seasons in a Year

In Virginia, you experience four different seasons. It is usually hot and humid in August, while January tends to be cold and dry. Early spring feels warm, and fall brings a chilly breeze. That is how the weather changes throughout the year in Virginia.

5. Highest Concentration of Tech Workers

It's the second-biggest hub for IT jobs in the US, just after California. About 10% of all workers in Virginia are part of the technology industry.

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Did you know?

Around 436,500 tech workers live in Virginia, which makes it a vibrant technology sector.

6. Great Place for Retirement

Virginia offers lovely scenery, lower taxes, and a pleasant lifestyle for retirees. Plus, there are many festivals to enjoy, and high-end medical care is readily available, making it an attractive choice for retirees.

7. Easy Access to Top-Class Education

Virginia is known for its excellent colleges and universities. If you live in Virginia, your kids might get discounts to attend one of the best universities in the US. 

What is the Cost of Living in Virginia?

If you are considering moving to Virginia, you should know how much it costs to live there. Living in Virginia costs more than living in other parts of the US. To maintain a decent lifestyle in the area, you need around $48,249 annually. On average, people in Virginia spend about $8,774 each year on housing and utilities.

Here is the breakdown of rental costs in Virginia.

Size Average Cost
Studio Apartment $900-$1,000
1 Bedroom $1,000-$1,200
2 Bedroom $1,200-$1,400
3 Bedroom $1,500-1,7000
4 Bedroom $1,900-2,000

Most Affordable Places in Virginia

Are you looking for the most affordable places to live in Virginia? Here are the top five.

1. Martinsville

Martinsville is the most affordable city in Virginia. The average median household income is $27,746. It is covered by the Blue Ridge Mountains, which offer numerous outdoor opportunities. The city also has numerous wonderful eateries, exciting art centers, and multicultural museums. 

2. Newport News

Newport News is another excellent option on your list. The average median household income in Newport News is $59,380. Living in Newport News allows you to explore different parks and museums. You can enjoy a peaceful and vibrant life in this neighborhood. 

3. Suffolk

Suffolk is third on our list of the most affordable areas in Virginia to live in. The average household income in Suffolk is $81,883, making it ideal for anyone seeking a mid-sized city. You can admire the river views at Sleepy Hole Park or visit Suffolk's art galleries, restaurants, and museums. 

4. Roanoke

With a typical house sale price of $201,000, Roanoke is one of the most affordable places in Virginia. If you are considering moving to Roanoke, discover the dynamic mountain parks and downtown areas.

5. Richmond

Finally, Richmond is on our list of the most affordable places to live in Virginia. The average home sale price in Richmond is $378,000. You can explore numerous historic landmarks and museums like the American Civil War Museum. 

How Much Does Moving to Virginia Costs?

Moving to Virginia from another part of the country can have different costs depending on the moving company you choose and the level of service you need.

Professional movers in Virginia typically charge around $107 per hour or more. However, extra factors like stairs, large items, and packing might change the final price.

The average cost of local moves within Virginia is around $1,250. For longer-distance moves, it can be about $8,600.

Below is a table showing prices for various moving services, such as DIY, Full Service, and Moving Containers. 

Distance 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom
100 miles $1,100 – $1,400 $1,150 – $1,300 $1,300 – $1,600
250 miles $1,300 – $1,900 $1,400 – $2,000 $2,000 – $3,400
1,000 miles+ $1,500 – $2,900 $2,000 – $4,000 $4,000 – $7,000
2,500 miles+ $1,700 – $3,700 $3,800 – $5,600 $5,800 – $7,600

 Pros and cons of moving to Virginia:

While living in Virginia has many benefits, it also has some disadvantages. Here are some of the pros and cons of living in Virginia.

Pros Cons
Outdoor Recreationt High Cost of Living
Low Crime Rate Noise Pollution
You Can Enjoy All the Four Seasons Tourist Crowds
Healthy Job Market Humidity and Heat
Easy Access to top-notch Education Traffic

Top industries in Virginia

Virginia, known as the "Internet Capital of the World," is home to some of the country's top industries. Here is a list of the top industries in Virginia: 

  • Corporate Services
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Information Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Management

How to Prepare Yourself for Moving to Virginia?

Moving to Virginia? Here are some important tips to make your move to Virginia easier:

  • Learn About Your New Area: Before you move, learn about your new city or town. Know where schools, hospitals, and neighborhoods are. Make a checklist to help you remember everything you need to do. 
  • Think About the Weather: Virginia has four seasons, so be ready for different types of weather. Pack clothes for both hot summers and cold winters.
  • Look for Jobs: Virginia has many industries, such as tech and healthcare. To make things easier, start looking for work before you move.
  • Plan Your Money: Consider the cost of living in your new area. The cost of living in Virginia is comparatively high. Make a budget for rent, utilities, and transportation.

Get Help Moving: Make your move less stressful by hiring movers. Look for good movers in Virginia in one place. 

Check out this article to remove your concerns regarding movers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, people are moving to Virginia. With its diverse economy, excellent education system, and attractive quality of life, Virginia continues to draw in residents from other states and abroad.

To get a Virginia driver's license after moving, you must visit the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office and provide certain documents, such as proof of identity, residency, and Social Security number.

Before moving to Virginia, consider factors such as the cost of living, employment opportunities, and the cost of living. Researching the local housing market and educational institutions can help ensure a smooth relocation.

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