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Published: Dec 5th, 2023
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Relocation is easier when you have the right equipment and guidance. You can ensure all your valuables are relocated safely with guidance from professional furniture movers. Seeking assistance for moving furniture from these professional specialists can help you clear all your queries and save you time and money on packaging.

Moving furniture yourself is not a piece of cake, no matter how strong and active you are! When you can seek help from professionals, why put yourself into trouble? Once the furniture moving experts are hired, they ensure a smooth transition of your house by considering the safety of your floors, backs, walls, and valuable items. 

Benefits of Hiring Furniture Movers

Professional Furniture Moving Companies provide the best techniques and utilize cutting-edge equipment to help you relocate safely to your desired destination.

Below are some of the benefits of hiring furniture movers.


Hiring furniture moving helpers is more reliable than doing it with the help of your family or friends as they are more professional with their techniques, which will help you shift safely and smoothly.

2.      Cost-effective:

Hiring professional furniture movers is more cost-effective than a DIY move because renting tools, furniture pads, moving equipment, moving trucks, and buying packing materials will cost more.

3.      Complete guidance:

Professional furniture movers have the expertise to guide you correctly through the moving process, ensuring a safe relocation.

4.      Safety:

Experienced movers can safely lift, load, and handle your furniture. They are efficient and can safely disassemble and relocate your belongings.

5.      Makes planning easier:

Moving furniture is not easy, requiring a lot of spending and thought. But when you hire furniture moving support, you can plan everything according to your demands because they help you the way you want.

Pros And Cons of Hiring Furniture Movers

Pros Cons
Convenience Dependency
No heavy lifting Cost
Rearranged furniture Issues in scheduling
Efficiency and Expertise Security concerns
Equipment and Tools Limited control

Average Cost of Hiring Helpers for Furniture Move

The average cost to hire a professional mover to move your furniture varies between $700 and $ 4,000

The table below shows the average cost of moving your furniture according to the number of bedrooms and the services along with costs.

The move size and distance of your relocation determine the average cost of moving furniture. If you relocate locally, it is usually less expensive than the long-distance or out-of-state move, which is mostly higher in price.

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Bed Moving                                                

$ 200 - $ 800

Heavy lifting

$ 200 - $ 600

Furniture Moving

$ 700- $ 6,000

Fragile Item Moving

$ 300- $ 3,000

Appliance Moving

$ 150- $ 600

Factors Affecting Professional Furniture Mover’s Cost

Several factors can affect the average furniture moving cost. That's why it is important to consider these factors before making an informed decision. 

  • Size and complexity of move: Large and complex furniture demands extra time and special equipment to disassemble and move, increasing the overall cost of moving.
  • Distance: The farther you want to move your furniture, the more you must pay for relocation helpers.
  • Labor fee: If your furniture demands more labor for relocation, you must pay more. Furniture moving labor services are around $20 to $60 per hour.
  • Stairs: The number of stairs in your home and new destination determines the final cost. Movers charge extra based on how many times they need to move up and down the stairs.

DO’s and DON’Ts of Furniture Moving

 Follow these dos and don’ts of furniture moving to make your move smooth, easy, and manageable.



Create a floor plan                                                

Never use packing tape directly

Measure the dimensions

No sliding of heavy furniture on the floors

Secure furniture components

Don’t forget to check for damage

Sell unwanted furniture

No dragging

Use bubble wrap

Don’t forget to secure your furniture

Pack fragile items Don’t depend completely on the movers


  • Prepare a checklist: Always create a Checklist When Moving To A New Apartment before packing, which can help ensure safety. It hardly takes an hour or two but can be handy during packaging.
  • Assemble all your furniture: Before packing, always gather all your furniture in one place and divide a list of their properties, mass, height, and dimensions to have accurate data on your furniture. It will help your pack accordingly.
  • Purchase packing material: Once you have assembled all your furniture, it's time to pack. Buy the appropriate packing materials for your furniture, including bubble wrap, lamination, cargo sheets, and tapes.
  • Declutter: Before packing, always declutter unwanted items to eliminate extra charges, as their bulk and weight require more labor and increase the cost.
  • Repair your damaged furniture: Repairing your broken furniture in advance is important to avoid more damage during the relocation, as the roads may contain bumps, increasing the chance of your items being ruined.
  • Protect your floors: Spread a sheet of cardboard, rubber mats or blankets on your floors and walls while packing furniture. This will help you protect them from damage and show respect to the newcomers. 

Final Thoughts

Packing furniture is an overwhelming task that requires proper technique and materials. Hiring professional help to give you a hand in your furniture packing endeavor is quite relaxing and can make your move easy. The cost also varies depending on your requirements and the size of the furniture. But the amount of perks you get by hiring professionals is worth your investment. 

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