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Relocating requires proper planning and, to some extent, the expertise of a certified broker. Becoming a certified broker on My Good Movers can elevate your client satisfaction and boost your lead generation. Our "Certified Brokers" program is crafted to unlock exclusive benefits within the moving industry.

Becoming a certified broker signifies more than just recognition; It is a declaration of your dedication to excellence in the moving industry. Certified brokers on our platform gain visibility and credibility, setting them apart in this competitive landscape.By meeting our eligibility criteria, you can access a range of advantages, including featured promotions, increased exposure to potential clients, and many more.


Unmatched Qualities Sets Us Apart from Others

Our platform stands out from traditional listings by developing a smooth connection between clients and brokers in one centralized space. Our innovative approach simplifies the moving process, offering convenience for clients to find professional brokers and for brokers to showcase their expertise.

What distinguishes us is our commitment to building a trustworthy community where individuals can explore certified brokers, read authentic reviews, and make well-informed decisions. For brokers, the benefits extend beyond visibility; we offer personalized promotion opportunities, exclusive partnerships, and a supportive network.

Requirements to Become a Certified Broker on My Good Movers

To qualify as a Certified Broker on My Good Movers, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Brokers must be Registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).
  • Brokers must maintain and provide a transparent list of moving companies they collaborate with to offer services through the platform.
  • Brokers are required to collaborate exclusively with moving companies that are registered with the FMCSA.
  • Brokers must establish written agreements with the moving companies they utilize.
  • Brokers must provide their physical business location, MC number, and status as a broker that does not transport household goods but arranges for this service.
  • Demonstrate a consistent history of providing reliable and efficient brokerage services, showcasing your expertise and professionalism.

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