Published: Apr 9th, 2024
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Did you know that trailer homes, also known as manufactured or mobile homes, are often more affordable than traditional site-built homes? These homes provide comfort and affordability, but choosing the right one requires proper consideration and research.

Finding a new place to live in a home with so many options can be overwhelming. Everything from size and layout to customization options and budget constraints plays an important role in determining your future lifestyle.

We will provide you with expert tips and factors to consider when choosing the perfect triple-wide trailer home so your decision will be all but clear by the end of this article.

What is a Triple Wide Trailer Home?

A triple wide trailer home is a type of manufactured home with three sections, offering more space and flexibility. Like other manufactured homes, it is built in factories and transported to its final location.

Interestingly, many mobile homes are now classified as manufactured homes. This distinction became more pronounced in 1989 when the industry shifted away from the term "mobile homes" due to increased size and weight standards. In some cases, homes are still referred to as "mobile" if they are trailer homes, which can depreciate in value similar to vehicles.


It is important to note these homes may not be considered "real" property unless permanently attached to the land. During installation, tie-downs are needed to secure them, and wheels may need to be removed. They meet safety standards set by organizations like the Canadian Standards Association and are regulated by provincial laws for quality and safety.

Triple Wide Trailer Homes vs. Traditional Houses

Now that we know what a triple wide trailer home is, one question remains unanswered: How does it compare with other traditional homes?

Aspect Triple Wide Trailer Homes Traditional Houses
Construction Method Built-in factories and transported Built on-site
Size Larger and more spacious Differs a lot
Cost More affordable upfront Often more expensive upfront
Customization Options Limited compared to traditional houses lots of options
Mobility Can be relocated if needed Permanent structure
Land Ownership May or may not include land ownership Typically includes land ownership
Maintenance Requires less maintenance Maintenance responsibilities fall on the homeowner
Investment Value May depreciate over time Generally, this increases over time
Financing Options Specific financing options available Conventional mortgage options

Triple Wide Mobile Homes vs Double Wide Mobile Homes

Are you considering upgrading to a larger mobile home but unsure whether to go for a triple-wide or stick with a double-wide? This comparison will help you make your final decision.

Before that, learn what Double Wide Mobile Homes are.

Aspect Triple Wide Mobile Homes Double Wide Mobile Homes
Size Larger footprint, more living space and rooms. Smaller footprint, fewer rooms and living space.
Layout Elaborate floor plans with additional rooms and amenities. Simpler floor plans with fewer rooms and amenities.
Cost More expensive due to its larger size and added features. Generally, it is more affordable and has a good value for its size.
Transportation and Setup It may require special permits and equipment due to size. Easier to transport and set up due to smaller size.
Customization Options More options are available due to the larger size and flexibility of the design. Limited options compared to triple wides, but there is some flexibility.
Maintenance It may require more maintenance due to its larger size and complex features. Easier to maintain due to smaller size.
Did You Know?
Did You Know?

Trailer homes are built according to federal HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) standards, ensuring quality construction and safety standards are met.

How to Choose Triple Wide Trailer Homes

Choosing the perfect triple-wide trailer home is more challenging than it sounds. The final decision will be different for everyone according to their specific needs.

Below is a breakdown for each category so that buyers can choose the best Triple Wide Trailer Homes to complement their needs.

Choosing triple wide trailer home for families:

  • Consider space: Choose a home with enough bedrooms and living space for everyone.
  • Family-friendly features: Look for multiple bathrooms, a spacious kitchen, and a play area.
  • Location matters: Pick a place near parks, schools, and recreational facilities.

Choosing a triple wide trailer home for Young Adults:

  • Affordability and flexibility: Focus on budget-friendly options with customizable features.
  • Modern design: Look for contemporary designs that suit personal preferences.
  • Urban access: Choose a location near urban areas for job opportunities and entertainment.

Choosing a triple wide trailer home for Couples:

  • Privacy and relaxation: Select a home with a well-designed master suite and outdoor spaces.
  • Entertaining features: Look for open floor plans and modern amenities for hosting guests.
  • Location balance: Consider proximity to nature, dining options, and cultural attractions.

Choosing a triple wide trailer home for Retirees/Seniors:

  • Comfort and accessibility: Go for single-level floor plans and barrier-free entryways.
  • Retirement amenities: Choose communities with fitness centers, walking trails, and social clubs.
  • Convenience: Consider proximity to healthcare facilities and shopping centers for easy living.
Pro Tip

To make the most out of your space, smart packing tips and a strategic moving guide can save you a lot of time and effort. Conducting research is always a good idea.

How to Choose Construction Materials for Triple Wide Trailer Homes

To retain the market value of your mobile home, you need to choose materials that will last. Below are some things to consider when buying construction materials.

  • Choose durable materials: Look for options that withstand weather, ensuring long-lasting quality. Find sturdy choices at stores like Home Depot or Lowe's.
  • Prioritize energy efficiency: Pick materials that insulate well to save on energy bills. Check out Energy Star products or ask local contractors for advice.
  • Consider maintenance: Use low-maintenance materials to save time and effort. Look for easy-care options at hardware stores or seek professional guidance.
  • Balance costs: Compare prices and long-term savings potential. Look for deals with different suppliers or consult with experts for budget-friendly choices.
  • Go green: Choose eco-friendly materials to minimize environmental impact. Shop at green building supply stores or get advice from sustainability experts.
  • Find your style: Select materials that match your design preferences. Explore options at home improvement stores or consult with designers for the perfect fit.

Select the Design Trends in Triple Wide Trailer Homes

Many manufacturers are now integrating smart home technology into triple wide trailer homes, which enables remote control of home features via smartphones or voice commands.

With that being said, there are several designs you can choose from to make the interior to your liking, such as:

  • Open Floor Plans
  • Energy-Efficient Features
  • Customizable Interiors
  • Smart Home Technology
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Outdoor Living Spaces
  • Sustainable Design
  • Multifunctional Rooms
  • Universal Design

Customization Options for Triple Wide Trailer Homes

Customizing the new home according to one's liking sets the tone for how the rest of the years in that house will be.

Now, there are many customization options one can choose from, such as:

Options Description
Interior layout Customize the inside according to your liking.
Finishes and materials Choose colors and materials that match your preference.
Exterior design Customize the outside of the trailer home.
Upgraded features Add premium options to your home.
Energy efficiency Opt for energy-saving options for future needs.
Smart home technology Control your home with your phone.
Outdoor living spaces Include decks and landscaping in front of your trailer home.
Accessibility features Provides easy mobility.
Personal touches Add your style and make it the best home possible.
Did You Know?
Did You Know?

Some manufacturers offer VR or AR tools for customizing triple wide trailer homes.

Transport and Setup of Triple Wide Trailer Homes

To move a triple-wide mobile home, you will need three trucks or three separate trips. Towing each piece individually may suffice for shorter distances while trailering each piece separately is usually required for longer moves.

Here are the steps involved:

  • Transport the home to its location.
  • Prepare the site for installation.
  • Deliver and position the sections.
  • Assemble the sections together.
  • Install utilities like water and electricity.
  • Inspect the setup for safety.
Pro Tip

It is better to leave the transportation and installation process to experts. Also, you can hire Best Truck Rental Moving Companies to stay within your budget.

Cost Considerations for Triple Wide Trailer Homes

Before we start looking into anything, the first question that crosses our minds is price. In this case, "How much is a triple wide trailer home?". Well, the triple wide trailer home prices depend on the state you live in and the customization level you choose.

Below is the average triple wide trailer home cost:

Transportation Cost

Trailer Size Cost Per Mile Total Per Hundred Miles
Triple Wide $58.33 $5833.00

Purchasing Cost

Aspect Details
Average Starting Price $90,000
Average Sq. Ft. 1,600-3,500 sq. ft.
Average Build Time 6-18 weeks
Trailer Size Cost $200,000 – $250,000+

Tips to Save on Utility Costs in Triple Wide Home

Energy costs can be a big part of your monthly bills. But there are ways to save money and use less energy in a triple wide home. Here are some tips to help you do that:

  • Use energy-efficient appliances.
  • Switch to LED lighting.
  • Ensure proper insulation.
  • Install a programmable thermostat.
  • Seal windows and doors.
  • Consider solar panels.
  • Use water-saving fixtures.
  • Utilize smart home technology.
  • Keep HVAC systems and appliances well-maintained.
  • To declutter your house, consider renting storage services.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance for Triple Wide Trailer Homes

Did you know that zoning laws and building codes vary from one location to another? To avoid legal problems, it's crucial to follow these rules when installing a triple-wide trailer home.

Below are some of the typical Legal and Regulatory Compliance for Triple Wide Trailer Homes:

  • Zoning Laws and Building Codes
  • Permits
  • Land Lease Agreements
  • Utility Connection
  • Safety and Environmental Regulations
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Property Tax and Resale Restrictions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A triple wide trailer home typically ranges from 1,600 to 3,500 square feet.

Yes, you can resell your triple wide home, but factors like its condition and location will affect its resale value.

A triple-wide trailer home is transported using specialized trucks or trailers, with each section moved separately.

Yes, Mobile homes must comply with building codes set by local authorities to ensure safety and structural integrity.

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