Home Depot Moving Boxes - Sizes, Options, and Benefits

Published: Mar 8th, 2024
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I have never met someone who enjoys moving. Finding a new place to live is enjoyable, but then you have to relocate. Packing takes longer than anything else during a move. The first question you normally ask is, "Where will I put everything?


If you don't make any advance plans, you might find yourself carrying your dishes one armload at a time.


There are many packing options, from Home Depot moving boxes to grocery store boxes. This guide will help you decide on the most reliable option for you.

Things to Consider Before You Choose Moving Box:

You have many options for packing your possessions. However, Home Depot moving boxes are reliable and come in various sizes and boxes for specific things. 


They are ideal for many people, but not everyone. Here's what you should think before choosing your ideal moving boxes. 

  • If you are moving long distances and hiring a moving company, you will need strong boxes to make the journey. 
  • If you have special or sensitive belongings, a sturdy box will ensure they arrive in good condition. 
  • If you are using a friend's pickup to move, you will most likely be carrying small loads; thus, you can avoid buying boxes. 
  • If you are moving everything except the furniture, you can carry the items in your car without utilizing actual packing boxes. 
  • If you intend to hire a moving truck, make sure you select heavy-duty boxes.

In brief, you must determine how safe you want your belongings to be during the relocation. Home Depot moving boxes are considerably better for movers who may not be as careful as you.

Merits and Demerits of Home Depot Moving Boxes

When you buy Home Depot moving boxes, you get various sizes and strengths to accommodate whatever you need to transport. Boxes can be conventional or heavy-duty, often composed of recyclable materials. Home Depot moving boxes are ideal for those who want to pack securely.



  • Easy to buy at any Home Depot shop.
  • You can select the exact sizes you require.
  • You can return unused boxes to any Home Depot store with a receipt.


  • You will pay for these boxes; unlike others, you may find them for free.
  • Standard moving boxes may not be secure enough for shipping. 
  • If you have the boxes shipped to you, there's a potential they may be damaged.

Dimensions and Prices of Home Depot Moving Boxes

Let's discuss Home Depot Moving Box sizes and prices. Imagine this: you are preparing for the big day, and Home Depot provides five standard box sizes to make your packing easy and smooth.


They have specialty options, too, like heavy-duty boxes, moving kits, and those lifesaving wardrobe boxes. But if you are thinking outside the cardboard box, they have even sleek plastic bins.


These bins provide double storage options and a good way to undertake a zero-waste move.


Here is an analysis of some of Home Depot's moving boxes:

Type of Box Size Price Weight Limit
Extra Small Boxes 15” x 12” x 10” $0.78 each Up to 65 pounds
Small Boxes 16” x 12” x 12” $0.98 each Up to 65 pounds
Small Boxes – Heavy Duty 16” x 12” x 12” $1.78 each Up to 85 pounds
Medium Boxes 22” x 16” x 15” $1.48 each Up to 65 pounds
Medium Boxes – Heavy Duty 22” x 16” x 15” $2.68 each Up to 85 pounds
Large Boxes 18” x 18” x 24” $1.78 each Up to 65 pounds
Large Boxes – Heavy Duty 18” x 18” x 24” $3.68 each Up to 85 pounds
Extra Large 22” x 22” x 21” $2.48 each Up to 65 pounds
Extra Large – Heavy Duty 22” x 22” x 21” $4.98 each Up to 85 pounds


Benefits of Using Home Depot Moving Boxes:

You can enjoy many benefits by using Home Depot moving boxes. A few are mentioned below:


  • You can select the size and strength of the boxes you purchase. 
  • Home Depot's moving kits help you save money and simplify your purchase. 
  • The pricing is very competitive, and you can benefit from bulk pricing. 
  • You can purchase it in the store or online. 
  • You may return unused boxes with a receipt. 
  • Buyers have many positive reviews about the Home Depot boxes. 

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Characteristics of Home Depot Moving Boxes

You may think that a box is simply a box. However, when you purchase Home Depot moving boxes, you will notice some characteristics that will make packing a little easier.


1.Variety of Sizes

Just imagine what would happen if you had boxes the same size. A box may only fit one comforter but may hold dozens of books. The blanket would be easy to transport, but lifting or moving the same-sized box full of books would break your back.


Home Depot sells small boxes for books, medium-sized boxes for pots, pans, and other household objects, and large boxes for large and bulky things like bedding, toys, and lamps. There are also boxes designed specifically for televisions or large pictures.

2.Different Strengths

Home Depot moving boxes are available in two strengths. Boxes are commonly rated through the Edge Crush Test (ECT). This test determines how much weight the box can support on its edges. It shows how strong the box is when stacked. For example, a 32 ECT box can sustain 32 pounds piled on top of it without crushing.


The standard moving boxes of Home Depot are rated at 32 ECT. Their Heavy-Duty boxes are rated 42 ECT. Heavy-duty boxes are designed to hold hefty things due to their increased strength.


Carrying Home Depot moving boxes that are light is quite simple. Carrying any box, even if not heavy, might be difficult because of its unusual shape. That becomes considerably more problematic when a box is hefty. 


Home Depot's heavy-duty boxes all feature handles. Handles allow you to lift and move boxes considerably more easily.

4.Moving Box Kits

It can be overwhelming to select which types and sizes of boxes are required. Home Depot provides moving box kits to reduce that work.


Some kits include everything you need to pack a kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, and bedroom.


The kits provide a starting point for almost every room in the home. Depending on the package, you will receive various heavy-duty and normal moving boxes in the appropriate sizes, packing paper, bubble wrap, dish materials, stretch wrap, electronic bubble cushions, mattress bags, wardrobe boxes, packing tape, and markers.

5.Guarantee Return

Whether you bought a kit or individual moving boxes, you can return any unnecessary boxes, with a receipt, to any Home Depot near you. 


You won't have to worry about receiving too many boxes because you may return any excess. When packing, too many boxes are usually preferable to few. On the other hand, spare boxes might be used for storage or saved for your next move.

6.Recycled Material

If you are concerned about the environment, you will be happy to know that Home Depot moving boxes are made entirely of eco-friendly materials.


Benefits Of Hiring A Moving Company

Home Depot Moving Boxes vs Other Moving Boxes

Feature Home Depot Moving Boxes Other Moving Boxes
Variety of Sizes Yes Yes
Specialty Boxes Yes Only some retailers offer specialty boxes
Material Durable cardboard Usually Cardboard
Price Competitive Pricing Prices may Vary
Availability Widely available in-store and online Depends on retailers
Quality Good Quality Quality may vary


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Home Depot sells moving boxes.

Yes, Home Depot has a variety of moving boxes.

The cost of moving boxes at Home Depot varies based on size and quantity. Prices typically fall between a few dollars for smaller boxes to $7 or more for larger or specialty boxes.

Moving boxes are generally cheaper at Home Depot than other retailers, especially for bulk purchases.

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