Published: May 29th, 2024
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Although widely used, plastic wrap is often overlooked when packing fragile items. Miscellaneous costs can quickly add up, so for those looking to save money, bubble wrap can be found at inexpensive prices in retail stores and online. There are also many different types and sizes of bubble wrap to choose from.


In 1949, Dow Chemical introduced plastic wrap to the market under the name "Saran Wrap." This wrap was perfect for sealing food and securely packing belongings during moves.

Today, plastic wrap is still widely used for its original purposes. Yet this essential item is often overlooked when it can be a lifesaver for packing fragile items prone to breakage.

But then again, where can you find bubble wrap near you without breaking the bank? 

Moving itself is an expensive process, and every penny counts. From hiring movers to securing packing materials, the costs can quickly add up. Apart from that, purchasing bubble wrap from traditional retailers can often be pricey.

Fortunately, there are solutions available for those seeking cost-effective bubble wrap options. So, let us explore where you can buy bubble wrap near you without it hitting you where it hurts—in the wallet.

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Where to Buy Bubble Wrap: Retail Stores

If you have come this far, you are definitely looking for bubble wrap. It is reasonably priced and can be found at most retail stores, from big-box retailers to specialty packaging shops.

Below are some of the places where you can buy bubble wrap for packing at a cheap price:

  • Office supply stores: They often carry bubble wrap in various sizes and quantities, offering a convenient option for purchasing packing materials while picking up office supplies.
  • Shipping supply stores: They deal in packaging materials, including bubble wrap, which is typically available in bulk quantities at competitive prices.
Pro Tip
Pro Tip

Where to Buy Bulk Bubble Wrap: Shipping supply stores are your go-to for finding cheap bubble wrap in bulk.

  • Larger retail chains with packing materials: Many big-box stores carry bubble wrap alongside other packing supplies, providing a one-stop shop for both everyday items and shipping necessities at affordable prices.
  • Craft stores: Some craft stores carry bubble wrap, especially during seasons when DIY projects or art exhibitions are common.
  • Hardware stores: Larger hardware stores often stock bubble wrap in their moving and packing supplies section. While their selection may not be as extensive as specialized shipping stores, they can be a convenient option for picking up bubble wrap.
  • Discount stores: Certain discount retailers occasionally offer bubble wrap alongside their seasonal merchandise in their home organization sections. While the quality and variety may vary, these stores can provide budget-friendly options for occasional packing needs. 
Did You Know?
Did You Know?

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is a thing! It is celebrated on the last Monday of January each year.

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How to Buy Bubble Wrap Online

Browsing the internet in search of low-cost finds is not just about the thrill. It is about turning someone else's excess into your own valuable find.

Below are some of the simple steps to buy bubble wrap online:

Step Description
Explore online retailers specializing in shipping supplies Over 80% of consumers prefer purchasing packaging materials from dedicated online stores, making them the go-to for bubble wrap. Look for these specialized websites or sections within larger e-commerce platforms.
Utilize search engines or e-commerce platforms. More than 70% of shoppers use search engines or e-commerce platforms to find bubble wrap, making it a popular choice. Just search Google for "bubble wrap" to discover numerous options.
Check reputable websites offering competitive prices. Check out reputable websites that offer competitive prices and various bubble wrap options. You can find many websites online specializing in packaging supplies or well-known retailers with a dedicated section for shipping materials.
Consider popular online marketplaces with multiple sellers According to market research, over 50% of online shoppers consider popular online marketplaces their primary source for bubble wrap, such as Facebook groups, Amazon, etc. Therefore, explore these platforms for competitive prices from different sellers.
Pro Tip
Pro Tip

Online Community platforms like Freecycle, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace offer free or low-cost bubble wrap and packing materials.

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How to Get Bubble Wrap from Recycling Centers

When it comes to getting bubble wrap from a recycling centre, it is important to note that recycling centres typically do not distribute materials due to their primary function of processing and recycling waste.

You might still be able to find bubble wrap indirectly through them.

The very first step is to call them ahead of time because, most of the time, they do not have any available bubble wrap. Since, as mentioned above, their main purpose is to recycle waste, it is unlikely that they will have bubble wrap on them.

The process is tricky, but we will walk you through it:

  • Ask about Drop-Offs: Some recycling centers accept items for reuse before they are processed. Inquire if they have a designated area for reusable materials where you might find bubble wrap, among other items.
  • Connect with Partner Organizations: Recycling centers often collaborate with community organizations or charities. These partners might occasionally receive donations of bubble wrap and could provide it to you if available.
  • Volunteer or Participate in Events: Some recycling centers organize events or volunteer opportunities. By participating, you might interact with staff or volunteers who can inform you about any surplus bubble wrap.
  • Educational Programs or Workshops: Recycling centers sometimes host educational programs or workshops where they might demonstrate the reuse of materials. While this might not directly provide you with bubble wrap, it could give you insights into alternative sources or creative reuse ideas.
  • Networking with Staff or Visitors: Establish conversations with staff or other visitors at the recycling center. They might have suggestions or know alternative ways to obtain bubble wrap in your community.
Did You Know?
Did You Know?

Bubble wrap has even been used in space! NASA has used it as insulation for spacecraft and equipment during missions.

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Types and Sizes of Bubble Wrap

Type of Bubble Wrap Description Common Sizes
Standard Bubble Wrap General-purpose wrap with small bubbles, ideal for lightweight items. 3/16" bubble height, 12" to 48" width rolls
Large Bubble Wrap Features larger bubbles for cushioning heavier items. 1/2" bubble height, 12" to 48" width rolls
Anti-Static Bubble Wrap Prevents static build-up, used for electronic components. 3/16" bubble height, 12" to 48" width rolls
Foam-Backed Bubble Wrap Combines foam and bubbles for extra cushioning and surface protection. 1/8" foam thickness with 3/16" bubbles, 12" width rolls
Adhesive-Backed Bubble Wrap It features an adhesive side for easy surface application and is useful for packaging and shipping. 3/16" bubble height, 12" to 24" width rolls
Environmentally Friendly Bubble Wrap Made from recycled materials and designed to be more eco-friendly. 3/16" bubble height, 12" to 48" width rolls
Perforated Bubble Wrap Comes with pre-made perforations for easy tearing into sections. 3/16" bubble height, 12" to 48" width rolls, typically perforated every 12"
Cohesive Bubble Wrap Sticks to itself but not to other surfaces, eliminating the need for tape. 3/16" bubble height, 12" to 24” width rolls
Key Takeaways icon

Key Takeaways

  • Bubble Height: Height of the individual air bubbles.
  • Roll Widths:Common widths, with lengths usually between 50 to 250 feet.
  • Specialized Types:Anti-static for electronics, environmentally friendly for eco-conscious packaging.

Buying Bubble Wrap vs. Foam Peanuts for Fragile Items

Choosing between a bubble wrap and a foam peanut will differ from person to person.

For instance, some might prefer bubble wrap, as it is less messy and easier to store, while others will prefer foam peanuts, which are bulkier but cheaper.

Here are some of the major differences between buying a bubble warp and a foam peanut:

Feature Bubble Wrap Foam Peanuts
Cushioning Ability Excellent surface protection Good for filling voids
Reusability High Moderate
Environmental Impact Varies; eco-friendly options Generally, less eco-friendly
Storage Space Compact when rolled Bulky, requires more space
Cost Moderate to high Generally lower
Application Best for individual wrapping Best for filling voids
Messiness Low Can be messy

What is the Average Cost of Buying Bubble Wrap

Whether we like to admit it or not, cost is one of the primary drivers behind our decisions. Miscellaneous costs can quickly add up, especially while travelling.

Here is a breakdown of the Average Cost of Buying Bubble Wrap:

Bubble Wrap Type Average Cost
Standard Bubble Wrap $15 - $40
Large Bubble Wrap $20 - $50
Anti-Static Bubble Wrap $18 - $45
Perforated Bubble Wrap $17 - $42
Eco-Friendly Bubble Wrap $20 - $50
Did You Know?
Did You Know?

Studies have shown that using bubble wrap as protective packaging can reduce product damage during shipping by up to 75%. This statistic highlights the effectiveness of bubble wrap in safeguarding fragile items during transit.

Tips for Storing and Using Bubble Wrap

When preparing for a move, remember that a stitch in time saves nine.

Here are some tips on using bubble wrap to make the entire process as stress-free as possible.

  • Reuse and Recycle: Fold and store bubble wrap for future use. Recycle it when it is no longer needed to reduce waste.
  • Cut to Size: Customize bubble wrap sheets for precise wrapping, minimizing excess material.
  • Wrap Securely: Fully cover items and secure them with tape or rubber bands for stable protection.
  • Layering: Add multiple layers of bubble wrap for extra cushioning, especially for delicate items.
  • Fill Empty Spaces: Use bubble wrap to fill package gaps, preventing items from shifting.
  • Combine with Other Materials: Pair bubble wrap with foam inserts or packing peanuts for enhanced protection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The cheapest place to buy bubble wrap is usually online retailers or bulk suppliers.

You can buy bubble wrap for packaging at office supply stores, shipping stores, or online retailers.

You can buy bubble wrap and boxes at home improvement stores, office supply stores, or online retailers.

Yes, bubble plastic can be recycled at designated recycling centers or through certain store drop-off programs.

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