Published: Apr 8th, 2024
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Have you ever heard about double wide mobile homes? They are referred to as manufactured homes that have become a popular housing option across the United States due to their affordability, versatility, and quick construction.

Picture this: a home twice as wide as your average mobile home, offering you all the room to stretch out, relax, and live your best life.

As we enter 2024, it is time to explore the world of double-wide mobile homes, their features and benefits, and why they are stealing the spotlight as the ultimate housing solution.

What are Double wide Mobile Homes?

Double-wide mobile homes are prefabricated residences consisting of two separate units that are transported to a site and assembled to create a single, larger home.

They typically offer more space and amenities than single-wide mobile homes, making them popular for homeowners seeking affordable and customizable housing solutions.

How Much Does a Double Wide Mobile Homes Cost?

Are you curious to know how much is a double wide mobile home? A double-wide mobile home typically costs between $120,000 to $160,000, including delivery.

The overall cost varies depending on size, features, customizations, and additional add-ons. It is important to consider the full scope of expenses associated with purchasing a mobile home, including potential hidden costs, foundation construction, and utility connections.

Moving a mobile home entails additional expenses, ranging from $2,000 to $14,000, covering transportation and on-site assembly. These costs can fluctuate based on several variables, such as distance, accessibility, and specific installation requirements.

Double wide Mobile Homes Prices by Size

Home Type Average width Average square foot Average delivered cost
Double-wide 20 – 36 feet 1,500 – 2,500 $120,000 – $160,000

Double wide Mobile Home Moving Cost

Home Type Average full-service move costs Average transport-only move costs
Double-wide $4,000 – $10,000 $2,000 – $3,000

Factors Influencing the Cost of Double Wide Mobile Home:

Here are some of the factors that can influence the cost of Double Wide Mobile homes:

  • Size and Layout: A double-wide mobile home's overall size and layout significantly impact its cost. Larger homes with more square footage generally have a higher price tag than smaller ones.
  • Quality of Materials: The quality of materials used to construct a double wide mobile home can vary greatly and affect its cost. Homes built with high-quality materials typically command a higher price due to their durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Customization Options: The level of customization and personalization desired by the homeowner can influence the cost of a double-wide manufactured home. Custom features, upgrades, and finishes often incur additional expenses.
  • Location: The location where the double wide mobile homes are manufactured and delivered can impact its cost. Factors such as transportation fees, labor costs, and local building regulations can vary from region to region and affect overall price.
  • Amenities and Features: Double-wide mobile homes can come equipped with many amenities and features, such as energy-efficient appliances, upgraded fixtures, and smart home technology. Including these amenities can increase the cost of the home.

Features of Double Wide Mobile Homes

Feature of double wide mobile homes

Double wide mobile homes have several elements that add to their appeal and functionality. 

Size and Dimensions

Double wide mobile homes are spacious residences, typically featuring widths of 20 feet or more. This wide footprint allows for ample living space comparable to traditional site-built homes. Further, double wide homes often come in various lengths, providing flexibility to accommodate different floor plans and design layouts. 

Floor Plan Options

One of the advantages of double wide mobile homes is the availability of diverse floor plan options. From open-concept layouts to traditional segmented designs, homeowners can select a floor plan that best suits their lifestyle and preferences.

Construction Materials and Methods

Modern double wide mobile homes are constructed using high-quality materials and advanced building techniques. Today's homes meet stringent building codes and standards for safety and durability. Common construction materials include steel frames, engineered wood products, and energy-efficient insulation.

Amenities and Upgrades

Double wide mobile homes have various amenities and upgrades to enhance comfort and convenience. Standard features often include central heating and cooling systems, energy-efficient windows, and durable flooring options.

Homebuyers can also choose from various upgrades to customize their homes according to their preferences. These upgrades may include premium kitchen appliances, upgraded, luxurious flooring and spa-like bathroom fixtures.

Benefits of Double Wide Mobile Homes

Let’s discuss the benefits of buying Double Wide Mobile Home:

Benefits Description
Taxes are Low Double wide mobile homes typically have lower property taxes compared to traditional site-built homes.
Mobile Homes Ensure Safety Modern double-wide homes are built to meet stringent safety standards, ensuring a secure living environment.
Rapid Construction Double-wide homes are quicker to construct than traditional homes, reducing construction time and costs.
Customizable Features Homeowners can customize their double-wide homes with various features and upgrades to suit their preferences.
Cost-effective Double wide mobile homes offer affordability compared to site-built homes, making homeownership more accessible.
Environmentally Friendly Many double wide mobile homes are designed with energy-efficient features, reducing utility costs and environmental impact.
Reliable Construction With advancements in construction materials and methods, double-wide homes offer reliable and durable housing solutions.
Versatility Double wide mobile homes can serve various purposes, from residential housing to vacation homes and investment properties.

Popular Uses and Applications of Double Wide Mobile Homes

Double-wide mobile homes are versatile structures that serve various purposes beyond traditional residential housing. 

Residential Housing

One of the primary uses of double-wide mobile homes is residential housing. These homes offer an affordable and comfortable living option for individuals, couples, and families. They provide all the amenities necessary for modern living, with spacious interiors and customizable features.

Vacation Homes and Cabins

Double wide mobile homes are favored as vacation homes and cabins in scenic or recreational areas. Their relatively low cost and quick construction make them an attractive option for people seeking a getaway retreat without breaking the bank.

Temporary or Emergency Housing Solutions

Double wide mobile homes can serve as temporary or emergency housing solutions in times of need. They are often deployed in disaster relief efforts to provide shelter for displaced families. Their mobility and quick setup make them invaluable in emergencies, allowing relief organizations to respond promptly to natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, or wildfires.

Investment Properties

Double wide mobile homes also present opportunities for investment properties. Real estate investors may purchase these homes to rent out to tenants, generating rental income and potential long-term returns on investment.

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How to Remodel a Double Wide Mobile Homes?

Remodeling a double wide mobile homes can be an exciting project that allows you to customize and enhance your living space according to your preferences. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to remodel a double wide mobile homes:

Step Description
Evaluate Your Needs Determine the areas of your double-wide mobile homes you want to remodel and the changes you want to make.
Set a Budget Establish a budget for your remodeling project, considering material and labor costs.
Plan Your Design Create a detailed remodeling plan outlining the changes you want to make to your double-wide mobile homes.
Obtain Necessary Permits Check local building codes and obtain any required permits for your project.
Start with Structural Changes Address any structural modifications, such as adding or removing walls or windows.
Upgrade Utilities and Systems For better efficiency and comfort, consider updating plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems.
Focus on Interior Finishes Choose materials and finishes for flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and paint to enhance the interior.
Enhance Curb Appeal Improve the exterior of your double-wide mobile homes by updating siding, roofing, and landscaping.
Add Personal Touches Incorporate furniture, decor, and accessories that reflect your personal style and preferences.
Regular Maintenance Schedule routine maintenance tasks to preserve the condition of your remodeled double-wide mobile homes.

Reasons Why People Tend to Remodel Their Mobile Houses:

Here is the list of reasons why people tend to remodel their mobile homes:

  • Repurpose a room 
  • Change the interior/exterior 
  • Change the layout 
  • Freshen up the look
  • Outside remodel (adding a small porch area)    
  • Improve future sales potential 
  • Change it to a “Green House” eco-friendly
  • Pump/drainage issues

Resale value of Double Wide Mobile Homes:

The resale value of a double-wide mobile homes can vary depending on factors such as age, condition, location, and market demand. On average, however, double wide mobile homes retain their value relatively well compared to other types of manufactured homes.

According to industry estimates, a double wide mobile home may sell for 20% to 50% more than a single-wide home of similar age and condition. Homeowners should consider these factors and consult with real estate professionals to accurately assess the resale value of their double-wide home.

Comparison of Double Wide Mobile Home with Other Mobile Homes:

Let us compare double-wide mobile homes with other mobile homes based on their features:

Features Single Wide Home Double Wide Home Triple Wide Home
Size 500-1,200 sq feet 1,000-2,200 sq feet 1,600-3,000 sq feet
Dimensions 14-18 feet wide, 66-80 feet long 20 feet wide, 90 feet long 25 feet wide, 90 feet long
Setup Cost $1,500 - $5,000 + $1,500 - $5,000 + $1,500 - $5,000 +
Floor Plans Narrow and long with various layout options More flexible with various design possibilities Spacious with a wide range of layout options
Price $43,500 - $59,000 $110,400 - $119,400 $170,000 - $220,000
Maintenance Minimal difference between single and double-wide Minimal difference between double and triple-wide Minimal difference between double and triple-wide

Considerations Before You Buy a Double Wide Mobile Home

Before purchasing a double wide mobile home, it is essential to consider several factors to confirm a smooth and satisfactory buying experience. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

Location and Zoning Regulations

Before buying a double wide mobile home, research the local zoning regulations and restrictions in the area where you plan to place the home.

Confirm that the chosen location complies with zoning requirements for mobile homes, including setback distances, lot size, and land use regulations.

Financing Options and Affordability

Explore financing options for purchasing a double wide mobile home, including loans, mortgages, and financing programs offered by lenders and manufacturers.

Assess your financial situation and determine how much you can afford to spend on the home. Consider down payment requirements, monthly loan payments, and associated costs such as insurance and taxes.

 Inspection and Quality Assurance

Before finalizing the purchase of a double-wide mobile home, schedule a thorough inspection to assess its condition and quality.

Hire a qualified home inspector or contractor to inspect the structural integrity, mechanical systems, and overall condition of the home.

 Long-Term Maintenance and Durability

Consider the long-term maintenance and durability of the double wide mobile home before making a purchase decision. Assess the quality of construction materials, craftsmanship, and warranty coverage offered by the manufacturer or seller. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A double wide mobile home is usually 20 feet wide, providing ample interior space compared to single-wide homes.

The smallest double-wide mobile home typically measures 20 feet wide by 30 feet long and offers approximately 600 square feet of living space. These compact models still provide comfortable accommodations with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas.

To level a double-wide mobile home, you must use leveling jacks to raise the home and adjust the blocks or piers beneath until the home is evenly balanced.

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