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Moving supplies is very important for moving. Without them, your moving cannot be possible. Packing is time-consuming, but using proper supplies can alleviate your burden.

Using the right moving supplies is as important as choosing the best company. It will help you organize and protect your belongings from damage. My Good Movers helps you choose relevant moving supplies according to your needs and connects you to the best moving suppliers

List of Supplies

  1. Packing Supplies: The tools used specifically for packing are:
  2. Moving Boxes: It is the most important supply. Different items will have different box sizes. Order and choose appropriate boxes for each item. You cannot have a wardrobe packed in TV boxes.
  3. Bubble wrap: Use bubble wrap for your fragile items. Buy two or more rolls and wrap them around your breakable item to protect it from breaking or bumping into other things.
  4. Packing paper: You can also use packing paper for your fragile items. It is a clean, brown newspaper that keeps your products free of ink and is environmentally friendly.
  5. Packing tape: Pick a good quality tape because you will need it for many things during packing. You will need it for sealing boxes, so buying loads of it is better.
  6. Plastic wrap: The clingy and stretchy plastic wrap can bundle up items like plates, books, utensils etc. This helps in decluttering your items and safe transport.
  7. Labels and Markers: Using markers can help identify the boxes' content. Similarly, labels such as fragile items, upside and downside can alert movers of handling requirements.
  8. Dolly: A sturdy dolly will come in handy to load and carry heavy items from stairs or trucks. You don’t have to sweat in your movements by using dollies.
  9. Moving blankets: These will assist in providing cushions for your belongings. Use an appropriate number of paddings for specific items only.
  10. Lifting Straps: With these straps, moving and lifting furniture and appliances is possible without putting too much strain on yourself or causing damage to the floor.
  11. Ramp: You can use ramps for moving heavy furniture with wheels. The ramp was handy while loading the truck and moving furniture down the stairs.

How to Choose the Best Moving Supplies?

Moving and packing supplies are your tools to tackle the huge mountain of moving. Only the best high-quality supplies can help you complete a moving journey. My Good Movers will be your companion in choosing the appropriate moving supplies company.

Here are some tips to select useful supplies:

  1. Create a budget: Setting a budget is compulsory so that you spend your earnings wisely. Only select those supplies that fall under your budget. The expensive and one-time needed tools can be rented.
  2. Create Inventory: Take note of all your belongings and categorize them. This way, you will understand and get only those supplies that meet your item-handling requirements.
  3. Buy boxes: Boxes are the most used supplies. Buy only those boxes that can accommodate the different items from your inventory. E.g., a wardrobe box for wardrobe clothes.
  4. Survey suppliers: Only blindly choose supplies with proper investigation. Check proper reviews and ratings on My Good Movers and then make an informed decision.
  5. Check Durability: Always check supplies’ quality and strength. Get those supplies that are made up of high-quality materials. Go for a reputable and verified supplies manufacturer.

Average Cost of Moving Supplies

Moving supplies come at different rates. Your moving costs are largely determined by the size and dimensions of the home you are moving into and from. For example, the supplies cost for

  • A one-bedroom will be $80 to $100.
  • A two-bedroom will be $170 to $190.
  • A four-bedroom will be $270 to $400.

Many companies have supply checklists for their customers. This average cost is derived from customer reviews available on My Good Movers and can vary from the actual cost provided by the company directly. That's why obtaining multiple quotes from different moving companies is recommended to get an accurate estimate designed to your specific needs.

How to Save Money on Moving Supplies?

Buying all moving supplies and equipment is impossible because the total amount can be huge. My Good Movers have suggested tips for saving up some of your bucks.

  1. Renting: Big and expensive tools like dollies, straps and binders are mostly one-time needs, so you can use the option of renting. Many stores rent supplies on a per-day basis.
  2. Free boxes: Contact your nearby grocery stores; they have surplus storage of boxes. Buy from them at a cheap price or request a free offer.
  3. Use household items: Many household items can be used as storage. For example, you can use baskets and suitcases for packing clothes and books.
  4. Reduce weight: The more items you have, the more supplies you need to pack them. Try to lessen your load as much as you can by donating or discarding meaningless items.

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