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You can hire a small moving company if you need to move small items from one place to another. Small movers are perfect for you. They specialize in moving small household items like furniture, electronics, kitchenware, artwork etc.My Good Movers provides the best small movers for your small moving needs.

What is considered a small move?

Moving companies usually consider items weighing under 2000 pounds as small moves. This may be equal to one room of furniture. Some examples of small moves are:

  1. College Dorm Room Move: Most college dorm rooms are furnished with beds, desks and kitchen appliances, so you don't need to worry about packing and moving large items.
  2. Studio or One-Bed Apartment Move: Moving to a studio or one-bed apartment requires a small truck's worth of furniture and goods.
  3. Moving Special Item: Moving one large item is also considered a small move. Such items include a piano, pool table, kitchen appliances etc.

Average Small Movers Cost

The average cost of a small move is between $300 and $2,200, depending on the weight and distance. This average cost is derived from user reviews and ratings available at My Good Movers.

Moving companies charge differently for all types of moves at a minimum. So, you will pay a fee depending on the type and size of your small move, even if your belongings weigh less than 2000 pounds.

Factors Affecting Average Small Mover Cost

The cost of small moves varies from company to company. Here are some important factors that affect the average cost of small moves.

  1. Distance: The distance movers need to cover for moving your belongings greatly affects the final cost. 100 miles move will cost less than 2000 miles move.
  2. Weight: The weight of your items determines the final cost. Moving 100 pounds along 100 miles will cost less than moving 1000 ponds along 100 miles.
  3. Hours of labor: Small movers also calculate the final cost based on the total hours needed to pack and move all your belongings.
  4. Size: Moving special items that are relatively larger, like piano, bathtub and pool table, will cost some extra bucks.

Benefits of Hiring Small Movers

You can easily DIY small moves, but hiring professionals may be the best option when it comes to time constraints and moving special items.

  1. Safety: Moving fragile items like glassware, artwork or specialty items is not a piece of cake. Small movers properly pack and handle your belongings carefully, ensuring they are delivered safely.
  2. Cost: Hiring small movers will cost you less as you will be paying for each item by weight or by the hours of labor, unlike DIY move, which can cost more because of renting a truck and other variables.
  3. Insurance: You don't need to worry about your items getting damaged or misplaced, as small movers provide insurance for your fragile items.
  4. Services: Small movers offer diverse services like packing, unpacking, loading and unloading. Let professionals do this for you, as it will ensure safety and security.

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