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Since Oklahoma state has one of the greatest levels of cultural diversity, individuals frequently relocate here. Many movers operate in this state, offering different moving services.

Cities of Operation: Tulsa, Shawnee, Bixby, Bartlesville, Enid, Stillwater, Owasso, Midwest City, Oklahoma City, Muskogee, Norman, Broken Arrow, Edmond, Moore, Lawton.

Oklahoma lies in the south-central region of the USA. It is a blend of Southern charm, native American and Western culture. Oklahoma is one of the most geographically diverse states, with vast plains, mountains, valleys, forests and farmlands in its region.

Oklahoma is among the most affordable states nationwide. Its cost of living is 13% less than the national average. Different Oklahoma cities have different living costs, with Ada being the priciest city and Muskogee being the cheapest city.

How To Choose the Best Moving Company?

With MyGoodMovers, selecting the top Oklahoma moving companies has become easier. Selecting suitable movers for local and long-distance moves can be difficult, so follow these steps to make this task easier:

  1. Experience: Check out their experience in the field of moving. Avoid new movers as they are more likely to make mistakes.
  2. Good Reputation: To find out if the moving company is a good choice, search their online reviews on My Good Movers and get opinions from friends and family.
  3. License and Insurance: Verify if the movers have a license. Their authenticity can be checked by searching on the FMCSA website.
  4. Service Evaluation: Find out the service you need from the movers. Evaluate your requirements and opt for those services that align with your requirements.
  5. Quotes: Get the cost estimates from more than three companies. Remember that movers with low fees are not reliable to hire.

Average Moving Cost in Oklahoma

The average moving cost in Oklahoma is calculated based on user evaluations and ratings on MyGoodMovers. The average moving cost in Oklahoma lies between $ $900 and $3,900.Remember that this average may vary from the actual cost and movers will charge after evaluating your home and items. We recommend getting quotes from the different movers for a pricing estimate that suits your demands.

Factors that Affect Moving Costs in Oklahoma

Several factors can affect your moving costs in Oklahoma. Take these factors into account before making any final estimate.

  1. Extra services: Adding services like packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, assembly, and disassembly of furniture can increase your costs. These are the services that movers charge extra.
  2. Average Distance: The further you move, the more your cost will be. In long journeys, movers must consider routes, fuel consumption, toll money and taxes, so they charge more money.
  3. Insurance: You should get insurance to protect your priceless possessions if you move your stuff for an extended period. The amount you pay will protect your every belonging carefully.
  4. Timings: If you are considering moving in June, July, weekends, or holidays, this is a major factor affecting your costs. Think twice before you move during these times.
  5. Size and Weight: Increasing household goods increases your other costs, such as packing supplies, the size of the truck, and labor quantity. So, the more luggage you have, the more moving expenses there will be.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Movers in Oklahoma

Moving with proper help can be a manageable task. That is why hiring professional movers who make your moving smooth as butter is recommended. Some of the benefits of professional movers are:

  1. Free from stress: If you choose self-service moving, all the packing and loading will fall on your shoulders. However, when movers manage all your moving, your stress level declines.
  2. Trained Workers: Professional movers are given proper training and knowledge to handle any move. They also have heavy lifter men that can easily carry your heavy items.
  3. Safety and Security: Everyone loves their household items. With movers, you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe from accidents.

How to Avoid Moving Scams?

Even if you are careful, you can become a victim of scamming. Look out for red flags and follow these precautions to protect yourself from scams.

  • Check their registration and license from the FMCSA and certificate of Household Goods from the Oklahoma government.
  • Document your move and read the contract carefully to avoid any loopholes.
  • Be aware of any potential extra charges to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Do not pay large down payments. Avoid those moves that ask for more than 25% deposits.
  • According to federal law, movers must provide you with a booklet, "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.
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