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Moving an office can be daunting, and proper planning is necessary for your business. You have to take care of stationery, junk, office furniture, electronic devices, and other hidden costs for moving. Also, you should consider your employees’ satisfaction and maintain uninterrupted business operations.

My Good Movers has a list of verified moving specialists that can help you with office move in the USA. We have listed every aspect of office move for your convenience.

How to Choose the Best Office Moving Company?

There are a lot of office moving companies in the states. Choosing the one that meets your requirements and provides problem-free movement can take time and effort. But selecting the best office moving company in the USA has become easier with My Good Movers.

Follow these steps to choose the best moving company:

  1. Set your budget: First, you must set your budget. You can't have your expenses burden your income. This will help you select an affordable company.
  2. License: The legal way is the right way. Ensure the office moving company you chose is verified with a license from FMSCA.
  3. insurance: Insurance gives your belongings security. Always choose those movers that have the most amazing insurance policies.
  4. Customer Reviews: Reviews help you in choosing the best local movers. You can check reviews on My Good Movers and make an informed moving decision.
  5. Evaluate Quotes: Get a free quote from our website, My Good Movers or by contacting movers directly. This will help you compare the costs of different movers.

Average Office Mover Cost

Depending on the square footage you now use, generally, you should spend between $1.50 and $2.00 per square foot for your relocation expenses. For example

  • 500-square foot office may cost $700-$4,000
  • 3,000-square foot office averages $1,000 to $8,000
  • 10,000 square-foot office starts at $5000

This average cost is derived from customer reviews available on My Good Movers and can vary from the actual cost provided by the company directly. That's why obtaining multiple quotes from different local moving companies is recommended to get an accurate estimate designed to your needs.

Factors Affecting Average Office Moving Cost

Several variables can affect the average office moving cost. Remember to take these variables into account before making any final decision.

  1. Distance: Moving expenses are largely determined by the distance between your current office and the new one. Greater costs usually result from longer travel distances, which need more time and resources for transportation.
  2. Size and weight: The movers calculate the cost based on the items being moved. Offices have bulky furniture and equipment that is difficult to pack and carry. Thus, the total cost will be greater for large offices.
  3. Additional Services: Extra services like furniture and workstation installation, disassembly, machinery adjustment, insurance coverage, and packing and unpacking services will increase your overall cost.
  4. Time of move: Keep in mind that summer months and weekends are the peak moving season. Also, business hours and after-hours have different rates. You should plan your move at the appropriate time.
  5. Complexity of the Move: If your office has complex structures like heavy machines, multiple levels, and a flight of stairs, the mover will charge extra according to the time, effort, and equipment they use.

Benefits of Hiring an Office Move Specialist

Hiring an office move specialist can become necessary if your office is too big for self-moving. It is more expensive, but the benefits are well worth your money. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Stress-free: Office movers take all your burden and stress away. They allow you to focus on your business and your employees to be more focused on work.
  2. Timesaving: Professional movers work with speed and efficiency. They save a lot of time, which you can utilize for your business progress.
  3. Insurance: Movers provide insurance for your belongings and have trained professionals to handle, carry and protect your assets.
  4. Cost efficient: Officer movers provide the best value for your money. It may seem expensive, but it is better than having financial loss and decreasing productivity.
  5. Experience: Moving specialists have extensive experience in handling office goods. They know how to manage and install complex machinery and technology in the new office.

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