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Being one of the diverse states, people often move within Missouri. It has many moving companies offering different moving services.

Cities of Operation: Kansas City, Louis, Springfield, Columbia, Independence, Lee's Summit, O'Fallon, St. Charles, St. Joseph, Blue Springs, St. Peters, Joplin, Florissant, Chesterfield, Wentzville.

Missouri is the midwestern state of the USA known as the “Show Me State.” It has the Missouri River, one of the longest rivers in the US. Its border touches eight other states: Iowa, Kentucky, Illinois, Arkansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. With its gateway arch, highly skilled workforce and booming economy, Missouri is the best place to move in.

Missouri's average living cost is 10% less than the national average. It has more than fifteen cities, each having different costs of living. O’Fallon City has higher living costs as compared to other cities. With the rising population, making a living in Missouri is becoming difficult.

Selecting a Moving Company in Missouri

With MyGoodMovers, selecting the top Missouri moving companies has become easier. Many local and long-distance movers can provide you with proper moving assistance. We have your back in selecting the best movers for your next move.

Follow these steps to select the best moving company in Missouri.

  1. Set a Budget: Moving to Missouri requires proper planning and budgeting. If you have a tight budget, choose a company according to your budget.
  2. Read Reviews: Read online reviews on MyGoodMovers of your selected movers. Get honest opinions from your family, friends, or connections.
  3. Inventory: Make a list of all your belongings. Especially your valuable and fragile items. Select movers that can cater to your inventory requirements.
  4. Service Type: Determine what type of service you need. Choose from local service, self-service, long-distance, special moving service etc.
  5. Request Estimates: Get the cost estimates from different companies. Movers who don’t provide on-site estimates and website quotes are unreliable to hire.

Average Moving Cost in Missouri

MyGoodMovers has thoroughly examined moving quotes from users' reviews to provide you with the most accurate average moving cost. Our estimation is rooted in user reviews and ratings on MyGoodMovers, enabling us to establish the average moving costs according to customers' perspectives.

Remember that this estimated average moving cost is derived from review data but is relatively close to the actual approximation. The average moving cost in Missouri lies between the $1,200 and $4,000 range. We recommend getting quotes from the movers listed in MyGoodMovers for a pricing estimate that suits your demands.

Factors That Affect Moving Costs in Missouri

Several important factors significantly impact moving expenses in Missouri. When making a smart choice regarding your relocation, it is important to consider these factors.

  1. Distance: More distance means more costs. Moving from Missouri to another state within the state. Your increased distance will cost you more.
  2. Size of Moving: Moving costs will likely increase if you have many items to move. Make sure you only take those items that you need.
  3. Add-On Services: Additional services like packing, unpacking, disassembly, and assembly increase expenses. Special moving, such as piano and fragile items, can also affect cost.
  4. insurance: In Missouri, all movers must provide liability for the goods. The cost of Insurance is determined by the type of valuation you choose for your goods.
  5. Timing Considerations: In Missouri, peak seasons are summers, weekends and holidays that can offset your costs. So, set your moving date during the off-season.

How to Avoid Moving Scams in Missouri?

Even if you are careful, you can become a victim of scamming in Missouri. Look out for red flags and follow these precautions on MyGoodMovers to protect yourself from scams.

  1. Check their registration and license from the Missouri Department of Transportation.
  2. Document your move and read the contract carefully to avoid any loopholes.
  3. Be aware of any potential extra charges to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  4. Do not pay large down payments. Avoid those moves that ask for more than 25% deposits.
  5. Avoid those movers that do not provide a copy of the "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move" booklet.

How To Prepare Your Move in Missouri?

Preparing for a move in Missouri has become easier with My Good Movers as we provide expert-based tips to make your move in Missouri reliable and smooth. Follow these steps when preparing for a move.

  1. Declutter: Reduce your moving load by discarding, selling, or donating home goods you no longer require. This will give you less stress and worry during your move.
  2. Prepare Checklist: Preparing a checklist is important if you want to make your move smooth and organized. Make a list and perform tasks accordingly.
  3. Update your documents: Transferring your utilities and updating your documents is required if you are moving across cities in Missouri.
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