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Kenneth Garner
Jun 28,2024

service cost: $3650


Perfect communication with the office manager. The entire moving process also went flawlessly. Every step is perfectly timed. Literally nothing is lost or damaged. ... Read More

move size: 2 Bedroom Home
Shannon Newburry
Apr 08,2024

service cost: $4800

Worst customer service

Biggest rip off their is!! I was quoted $1850 and when they called to confirm my delivery, they doubled my price for adding a few extra items. When the movers (Trident Mo ... Read More

move size: 2 Bedroom Home
stephanie fuentes
Feb 14,2024

service cost: $3320

Terrible Service

They are a horrible company! DO NOT USE THEM! First, we made a deposit for a certain amount. Then the price jumped from 3100 to 6500 for adding more items. They told us w ... Read More

move size: 2 Bedroom Home
Eric Delgado
Feb 13,2024

service cost: $3210

delightful experience

My experience was pretty good, great overall cost, had a little delay in receiving our items however weather did play a role in this nevertheless all said and done I woul ... Read More

move size: 2 Bedroom Home
Feb 13,2024

service cost: $4700

These people suck!!

They are the middle man who is going to tell you everything you want to hear, promise everything to get you to put in a deposit and then pass you off to the actual movers ... Read More

move size: 2 Bedroom Home
Feb 10,2024

service cost: $7300

Scamming middle men

They are the middle man who is going to tell you everything you want to hear, promise everything to get you to put in a deposit and then pass you off to the actual movers ... Read More

move size: 2 Bedroom Home
dustin mcniff
Feb 02,2024

service cost: $4600

These people suck!!

Definitely a crock of steaming dung. They create a false contract that you agree to, have horrible customer service, then the movers they employ will argue with you and c ... Read More

move size: 2 Bedroom Home
James Dancy
Jan 29,2024

service cost: $5400

Stunning Movers!

I want these movers to maintain the quality of their work and an upbeat attitude towards their services. My experience with these was a ten; the crew did a commendable jo ... Read More

move size: 3 Bedroom Home
Wyatt Seelye
Jan 28,2024

service cost: $4000

hassle-free moving experience.

It's a remarkable move with Trident Moving Services since it's the only one I've ever made that has worked out for me. Nothing was mishandled, nothing was damaged to my g ... Read More

move size: 2 Bedroom Home
kania carter
Jan 20,2024

service cost: $5146

They handled all my stuff with care

To ensure that everything was moved safely, they used everything they required, including dollies and bubble wrap. Outstanding job!!

move size: 2 Bedroom Home

Trident Moving Service Information

Trident Moving Services has established an account on My Good Movers to interact with its audience and respond publicly to customer reviews.

The location of Trident Moving Services is 801 Northpoint Pkwy WPB FL 33407, but the mover also works in different areas.

Trident Moving Services is dedicated to offering its customers unique solutions for their moving requirements, assuring them of a smooth and stress-free moving process and ensuring their belongings are in good hands. The company aims to set new industry benchmarks by combining modern technology with innovative logistics. Their main objective is to make the moving process as simple as possible for the customer.

Business Information of Trident Moving services

Legal Name: Trident Moving Services LLC

Physical Address: 801 Northpoint Pkwy WPB FL 33407

Mailing Address: 801 Northpoint Pkwy WPB FL 33407

Number of Registered Trucks, Tractors, or Vans: 1

Number of Registered Drivers: 1

Licenses and Certificates of Trident Moving Service

To conduct moving operations legally, Trident Moving Service must hold registration with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and its respective state.

These regulatory agencies set safety standards and safeguard the interests of both customers and the moving industry. Their license numbers provide access to government records, offering insights into a company's safety record and reliability.

You can visit their website and verify Trident Moving Service license details for peace of mind. It is essential to check the authenticity of a moving business before hiring a moving company like Trident Moving Service.

(US Department of Transportation number)

US DOT: 3951250

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

MC number: 1470573

Local State License: Not Provided

What is Trident Moving Service Interstate and Local Moving cost?

From the available reviews of people experiencing moving services of Trident Moving Service, we have analyzed that the Trident Moving Service average cost ranges from $1,000 to $4,500 for interstate and local moves.

Based on existing moving reviews, we estimate that Trident Moving Service average price is approximately around $4631.35.

The average cost can fluctuate based on factors like distance, the size of your home, and the additional services.

Remember that these cost estimates provided here are based on review data and may differ from actual quotes offered by moving companies. It is compulsory to get a moving quote from Trident Moving Service directly before making an informed decision.

For more accurate pricing, you should compare moving quotes from registered movers with our quotation tool here.

How do we Determine Average Service Costs?

We use a careful approach to calculate the average service costs. Our process involves a thorough analysis of reviews and the average prices cited within them. Through this, we gain a detailed understanding of the pricing structure of movers like Trident Moving Service.

After thorough analysis, we generate average moving costs based on the reviews, ratings, and general information submitted by people who have experience Trident Moving Service.

Keep in mind that these prices may fluctuate a little from the quote you will receive directly from the Trident Moving Service because these prices are solely based on the review data available on My Good Movers. Consult with the movers first before making an informed decision.

To get a more accurate moving estimate, please use our moving estimator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving solutions offered by Trident Moving Services include local moves, long-distance relocations, military moves, and interstate moves. Professional packing and storage solutions are also available.

We recommend contacting Trident Moving Services directly for an accurate moving cost estimate. You should know that the prices in their promotional materials are general estimates based on historical data.

Trident Moving Services is a fully licensed interstate moving company. They also provide insurance coverage, assuring the protection of your belongings throughout the relocation process.

Trident Moving Services are 17% more cost-effective than the prevailing market rates. To receive an official and precise quote for your specific move, it's essential to request one directly from them.

You can visit their website or contact them directly for proof of Trident Moving Services' licensure and certification.

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