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Relocating to a new place is a difficult and tiring task. You are already occupied with a lot of responsibilities and then the thought of transporting your car increases your stress. If you plan to transport one car, you can surely drive it to your destination. But if you are flying or have multiple cars, this can be overwhelming. To alleviate your stress, My Good Movers provides you the best vehicle movers that match your needs.

How to Choose the Best Vehicle Transport Company?

You can find a lot of vehicle transport companies in the US. Choosing the best one that transports your car safely can be difficult, especially for long-distance moves. But you don’t need to worry anymore, as we are here to help.

Follow these steps to choose the best vehicle transport company:

  1. Set your budget: Choose how much you want to spend on your vehicle transport. You may need to increase your budget in case of transporting a luxury car.
  2. Verify registration: To save yourself from scammers, it is necessary to verify the license and registration details. An authorized company is what you need to go with.
  3. Check for insurance: Always select a transport company that provides insurance, as it will protect your stuff in case of any damage or loss.
  4. Track record: Considering the track record of a transport company can help you in selecting the best one. Read reviews on My Good Movers to check for customer complaints and accidents.
  5. Evaluate price quotes: Get price quotes from several companies for a thorough comparison of their pricing structures. It will help you choose the best company according to your needs.

Average Vehicle Transport Cost

The average cost for transporting a vehicle is between $600 to $2500 depending on the distance you want to cover, the type of car you are transporting and the type of carrier you choose. An open carrier may cost less than an enclosed transport truck.

We calculated the average vehicle transport cost based on the reviews submitted on My Good Movers. These are just rough estimates and can vary from company to company.

Factors Affecting Average Vehicle Transport Cost

The cost of a vehicle transport depends on many factors. Consider these factors when estimating your final cost.

  1. Distance: The top factor affecting transportation cost is the distance you want your vehicle to travel. Distance is directly proportional to the cost, the longer the distance, the higher the cost.
  2. Size of the vehicle: Big and heavy vehicles like SUVs and trucks cost more than an average car because they take up more space and increase the weight of the transport trailer.
  3. Fuel price: As fuel prices fluctuate, transport companies also increase their prices. To cut your overall cost, it is better to transport your car when fuel prices are low.
  4. Transport type: Open transport carriers cost less than enclosed ones but are less secure. They are suitable for regular cars, but if you are transporting a luxury car, you will pay more.
  5. Location: Transport companies will charge more if your pick-up and delivery locations are in far-flung areas. Thus, terminal to terminal transport is cheaper than door to door transport service.

Benefits of Hiring Vehicle Transport Company

Whether it is a long- distance move or a short distance move, getting your car transported by a professional vehicle transport company is the best you can do for your car.

  1. Convenience: Driving long distances can be extremely exhausting and sometimes dangerous. Hiring a vehicle transport company frees you from the hassle of driving yourself and saves you from any potential dangers.
  2. Saves time: Driving your car to a specific place can be extremely time-consuming. Professional vehicle transport companies can do this for you in less time while you look after your other moving responsibilities.
  3. Ensures safety: Vehicle transport companies have experienced drivers who have the necessary qualifications to drive carriers and trucks. They use special equipment to load and unload your car, ensuring safe transport.
  4. Provides insurance: Professional vehicle transport companies provide insurance coverage and are liable for any damage. This ensures you peace of mind that your car is safe in case of any mishap or damage during transit.
  5. Cost effective: Driving long distances means you need to pay for gas, food, and hotel. Also don’t forget the maintenance and repair cost. Hence hiring professionals is the best way to transport your vehicle.

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