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Nationwide Moving Solutions LLC

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Michael Hicks
Jul 23,2024

service cost: $4870

Fast, Careful Long Distance

I couldn't have asked for a better packing squad for my move! They wrapped all of my sensitive items with extra care and even gave me some free packing paper. They actual ... Read More

move size: 2 Bedroom Home
Donald Brasher
Jul 22,2024

service cost: $4070

I will recommend you to all my friends and relatives...

The loading process went very smoothly. Robert and John arrived on time and worked quickly to load all of my belongings onto the truck. They were very efficient and organ ... Read More

move size: 2 Bedroom Home
Donald Seamon
Jul 22,2024

service cost: $4580

Great Customers Services!

Nationwide Moving Solutions LLC did an awesome job for my move. The team was amazing, handling all my belongings with skill and care, including my precious mirror and my ... Read More

move size: 2 Bedroom Home
Royce Robbins
Jul 19,2024

service cost: $3650

would suggest them without any hesitation

I've moved several times, and these movers were the best I've ever hired. They took great care of my things and made the whole process painless. The movers were friendly ... Read More

move size: 2 Bedroom Home
David Acosta
Jul 16,2024

service cost: $4470

Keep up the good work!

Thomas and his team came to our aid. It was a seamless move in every way. They handled our belongings with care and efficiency. I've never made a change this easy before. ... Read More

move size: 2 Bedroom Home
Shawn Rivera
Jul 12,2024

service cost: $3260

Problem Solver

Impressive! They demonstrated expertise, displayed kindness, and arrived promptly. Throughout the move, my belongings were handled with great care and respect. They put i ... Read More

move size: 2 Bedroom Home
Martin Lowe
Jul 10,2024

service cost: $3768

They were very responsive

Having access to a packaging service simplified a challenging process. They handled everything else so that I could focus on settling in to my new home. ... Read More

move size: 2 Bedroom Home
David Gamble
Jul 08,2024

service cost: $2470

My hats off to you!

A pleasant experience with Nationwide Moving Solutions LLC. Andrew and his team of 4 dismantled my heavy furniture easily and wrapped the pieces carefully in foam padding ... Read More

move size: 2 Bedroom Home
Brian Banda
Jul 03,2024

service cost: $2985

very smoothly and tension-free

The two-person crew was made up of two nice and helpful people. The things were well packed before they were moved from KS to MO, which made it easy for me to unpack them ... Read More

move size: 2 Bedroom Home
Daniel Berry
Jul 01,2024

service cost: $3265

Simple, Seamless and Satisfactory!!!

Could not be more pleased with my first experience here. Joe crew navigated their way with excellent precision in my 1-bedroom apartment and made sure not to cause any ha ... Read More

move size: 1 Bedroom Home

Nationwide Moving Solutions LLC Information

Nationwide Moving Solutions LLC has established an account on My Good Movers to interact with its audience and respond publicly to customer reviews.

The location of Nationwide Moving Solutions LLC is 1 E Broward Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, USA, but the mover also works in different areas.

Nationwide Moving Solutions LLC is a well-established and customer-centric moving company that delivers top-quality relocation services nationwide. With a great emphasis on professionalism and customer satisfaction, they have built a solid reputation for providing efficient and reliable moving solutions. Nationwide Moving Solutions LLC boasts a team of experts committed to ensuring their clients a smooth and stress-free relocation. It makes them a trusted choice for those seeking nationwide comprehensive and tailored moving services. 

Legal Name: Nationwide Moving Solutions, LLC

Physical Address: 1 E Broward Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, USA

Mailing Address: 1 E Broward Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, USA

Number of Registered Trucks, Tractors, or Vans: 6

Number of Registered Drivers: 4

Licenses and Certificates of Nationwide Moving Solutions LLC

To conduct moving operations legally, Nationwide Moving Solutions LLC must hold registration with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and its respective state.

These regulatory agencies set safety standards and safeguard the interests of both customers and the moving industry. Their license numbers provide access to government records, offering insights into a company's safety record and reliability.

You can visit their website and verify Nationwide Moving Solutions LLC license details for peace of mind. It is essential to check the authenticity of a moving business before hiring a moving company like Nationwide Moving Solutions LLC.

(US Department of Transportation number)

US DOT: 4016171

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

MC number: 1513574

Local State License: Not Provided

What is Nationwide Moving Solutions LLC Interstate and Local Moving cost?

From the available reviews of people experiencing moving services of Nationwide Moving Solutions LLC, we have analyzed that the Nationwide Moving Solutions LLC average cost ranges from $1,000 to $4,500 for interstate and local moves.

Based on existing moving reviews, we estimate that Nationwide Moving Solutions LLC average price is approximately around $4410.33.

The average cost can fluctuate based on factors like distance, the size of your home, and the additional services.

Remember that these cost estimates provided here are based on review data and may differ from actual quotes offered by moving companies. It is compulsory to get a moving quote from Nationwide Moving Solutions LLC directly before making an informed decision.

For more accurate pricing, you should compare moving quotes from registered movers with our quotation tool here.

How do we Determine Average Service Costs?

We use a careful approach to calculate the average service costs. Our process involves a thorough analysis of reviews and the average prices cited within them. Through this, we gain a detailed understanding of the pricing structure of movers like Nationwide Moving Solutions LLC.

After thorough analysis, we generate average moving costs based on the reviews, ratings, and general information submitted by people who have experience Nationwide Moving Solutions LLC.

Keep in mind that these prices may fluctuate a little from the quote you will receive directly from the Nationwide Moving Solutions LLC because these prices are solely based on the review data available on My Good Movers. Consult with the movers first before making an informed decision.

To get a more accurate moving estimate, please use our moving estimator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nationwide Moving Solutions LLC stands out through its commitment to exceptional customer service and a consistent track record of satisfied clients. Their experienced team and dedication to hassle-free relocation differentiate them from other moving companies.

Nationwide Moving Solutions LLC can accommodate special requests, including handling fragile or valuable items during the move.

You can typically contact them via their website or phone to obtain a moving quote from Nationwide Moving Solutions.

Nationwide Moving Solutions LLC provides specific guidelines or recommendations to help you prepare for a successful move. This could include packing tips, moving day checklists, and advice on effectively labeling your boxes.

It's generally a good idea to contact Nationwide Moving Solutions LLC well before your desired moving date to secure availability. Discussing your moving timeline directly with the company is best to ensure a smooth and timely relocation.

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